Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm sorry I deleted you!

While trying to edit my posts I apparently deleted
Eli's here they are!

Eli, Marie, Jonas and Gabby Hibbert
(not posting makes you very rusty and I am not going to edit anymore, so this is what you get!)
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O.K. this is the rest of the pictures I put on to post and for some unexplainable craptastic reason they didn't make it on to my original post.....? I have no idea why.....any way this is "One hour family picture taking shoot-out" continued, enjoy,again!
Eric, Shelly and Tate Hibbert

The Grandchildren
(top row) Chaz, Wes, Luna, Ryley, Gabby, Jonas
(bottom row) Tate, Kosmo, Dewey
Grandpa Hibbert with my kids
Wes, Ryley, Chaz and Charlie(dog, not my kid)
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One hour family summer picture shoot-out!

I was going to post Chaz's 4th birthday party pictures.......alas, my camera and my computer wouldn't work together today and those picture are still in the camera and not on my computer. Since I haven't posted in so long I am sharing my favorite family pictures we did back in July..........enjoy!

Our family
Lori, Wes, Ryan,
Ryley and Chaz
Aunt Jennifer and Dosie

Carley Hibbert, Keith, Luna, Kosmo
and Dewey Nerdin
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