Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jump into summer!!

Getting ready!

I needed some family pictures, so I forced my children, husband and my sister Jennifer (who took the pictures) out to my Grandma Gertie Hibbert's house/farm in La Grande Oregon. This is a taste of some of the fun we had.

On your mark, get set! So this particular set of photos was taken in front of the side of my Grandma's old barn. Isn't so rustic and fun, we played here all the time as children and now my kids do!

I just really liked these action shots mixed with the ancestral background.(literally) This "Barn" once was an old house that partly caught on fire that belonged to my great grandfather and then got converted into a barn by chopping part of the second story off, add a knew roof and walla...... a Barn.

We do have some family shots that I will post later.-keep it real:)