Monday, January 21, 2008

Family fun at the Boise Zoo!!

O.k., Ryley who is four, has an animal obsession. This is pretty much all she talks about. All last week she has been saying she wanted to go to the zoo, over and over again. We had never been to the Boise Zoo, thinking it would be tiny and maybe one or two animal. Since we had gone to the Portland Zoo so many times, I thought it might be a little disappointing, but we were pleasantly surprised and had a great time. It may be about a third the size as Portland's, but really how long can a big zoo hold a small child's attention? Since it was the middle of winter, crowds were not a problem, even on a Saturday. We also got a discounted price for the off season and only paid $9.50 for the whole fam. So for us it was worth it. We just put on a coat, took our time and had a great family outing!