Thursday, June 26, 2008

An odessy of family pictures, can a perfect picture ever be taken?

This is us trying to take a picture with cousin's Luna and Kosmo. Eventually the dog became part of the picture and this is the best picture of a 30 min. jont in the backyard. With Aunt Jennifer(taking the photo) post op from surgery! (gallbladder removal)

Last month I took my family and my sister (her being the photographer, laboring with yet an other excruciating headache) She thought we should do a mother daughter picture, this is the result. Us in front of an old tree at my Grandma Hibberts house.
I actually love this picture, even though the hay is in Ryley's face it shows every ones personalities.
This was some of our first attempts of a family picture and Chaz started out not very cooperative(imagine that) and only one person looking at the camera. Good job Wes!
Yet another attempt of our allusive family picture. We are in Grandma's Barn on the old stair case, half of us looking at the camera.Yet, I think Ryan and Chaz look so cute looking at each other.
The boy's, great picture! I love the background with the beautiful Mt. Emily in the background!

Wesley proves to be our most consistent picture taker. I love the setting for this, but we, as a family portrait could not pull it off.