Tuesday, May 13, 2008

where in the world are the Howards......?

What can I say, life has been up and it has been down. I have been out of the world of blogging for the last two months! What have we been up to? Ryan is in Arizona working for Grand Canyon University, me and the kids stuck around here.(Here being Emmett Idaho) Wes is still in first grade and it broke my heart to move him, again, with three months left(he has been in three different schools since "k")I can't down load any cute pic's right now it is all packed up. I do though, need to start reading every one's blogs again and i will do better. It is hard to get around to it when ones self is not blogging, you kinda forget about this whole world! With much love to everyone, lori.

I am on my aunts computer and i did just find a pic of chaz, so i posted that.