Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One hour family summer picture shoot-out!

I was going to post Chaz's 4th birthday party pictures.......alas, my camera and my computer wouldn't work together today and those picture are still in the camera and not on my computer. Since I haven't posted in so long I am sharing my favorite family pictures we did back in July..........enjoy!

Our family
Lori, Wes, Ryan,
Ryley and Chaz
Aunt Jennifer and Dosie

Carley Hibbert, Keith, Luna, Kosmo
and Dewey Nerdin
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Amber said...

Okay so first, welcome back!!! Next, you look adorable with your cute hair and your skinny self! Finally, Jen looks amazing too. I don't see you girls forever and you go and get all beautiful!

The Howards said...

It can't be that long since we have seen you guys!! The kids are all growing up! I saved your family pic--it is really good. See you guys in November.
Love, Grandma,Grandpa/Mom,Dad

Becky J. said...

These all are so cute! What adorable grandkids for your parents! I just can't believe there are so many--wow!

Jennifer said...

oh, by the way (btw) carley pointed out to me the other day what a nice shot of the outhouse behind me and Dosie! Well, what can be more important than you, your dog and a place in the great outdoors to answer the call of nature in private!