Thursday, August 7, 2008

And Now We're In Arizona

After living in Idaho and staying in Oregon for the summer, the Howard family heads back to Arizona to live. Ryan got a new job as a trainer for the schools of Payson Arizona...go Longhorns! The drive down to Arizona only took two days, several stops and a few non-bloody fights. The kids weren't too bad and there was only one carsick incident. Here are some candid photos of our trip!

The concentration is evident, after all they're watching School of Rock!

(We had no idea he got his hands on the bag)
Chaz giving us a, "I'm full." look after eating an entire bag of Doritos.

Jennifer looking a bit stressed in the heavy rain in southern Utah!

Chaz didn't want his picture taken and so he placed his toes in front of the camera. He thought it was hilarious. So, did we.